krioneri2   Krioneri is a village at the foot of Varassova Mountain. Probably got its name from the cold waters that flow in the region. It is settled 5 km from the highway Antirio - Missolonghi and 15 km from the county capital, as well as 20 km from the longest suspension bridge in the world (Charilaos Trikoupis) in Rio-Antirio. Over the past years (1891) was the railroad that connected the city of Agrinio with Kryoneri and a steamer ship which connected Kryoneri with Patras. The railroad was abandoned in 1970. Krioneri as a tourist - resort area known for its many beaches, crystal waters and Varassova Mountain which towers above the village being one of the best climbing areas of Greece. The area has many restaurant, shops and accommodation suitable to meet every requirement.

krioneri2     krioneri