Coming to Krioneri the Varassova Mountain is worth climbing. You may walk at Saturday night the Rio Antirio the largest suspension bridge in the world under the bridge’s beautiful lights.

    Messolonghi is the county capital, the city of five prime ministers and five national poets. You can navigate the narrow streets and admire the historical monuments such as ancient theaters of Plevrona and Calydon, home of a previous Prime Minister of Greece Harilaos Trikoupis and poet Kostis Palamas and the Garden of Heroes of the Greek Revolution.

    You may join and traditional local parades along with those who honor the heroic exodus of militants besieged in 1826 and live in the enactment of Christos Kapsalis blasting.

    You may also watch the festivities enactment of the Battle of Lepanto on the first weekend of October and wander the narrow cobblestone streets of the harbor which lead up to the castle (35 km from Kryoneri).

   Yoy may also visit the monastery of Panagia Panaxiotissa in Gafrolimni (15 km from Kryoneri).

    Make rafting and canoe-kayak in Evinos River near the Chani Bania bridge ( 50 km from Kryoneri).

DSC00219   To get to Aitoliko weekend 21-23 August for the feast of Saint Agathe, which takes place since 1830 and remains unaltered to this day (20 km from Kryoneri).

   You may also celebrate the unique festival of St. Simon (15 km from Kryoneri).

   Visit the ancient city of Thermo with important archaeological sites and the monastery which houses the remains of Father Kosmas Etolos (60 km from Kryoneri).